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Franco Praussello

Full professor of International Economics, director of the Jean Monnet European Center of Excellence at the University of Genoa, holder of a Jean Monnet Chair in Economics of European Integration since 1995 (chair n. 95/0343) and Director of the PhD school in Economics and Finance of the EU at the University of Genoa.

Associate Professor at the University de Nice. Visiting professor in the Universities of Sfax (Tunisia), Istanbul, Baku, Odessa, Bratislava.

Has carried out seminars at the following Universities: Bocconi, Roma Tor Vergata, Messina, Nice, Lyon 3, Grenoble 2 Mendès France. Has taught at the summer school Soros Foundation in Moldavia (1997), at the Summer schools at Venice (organized by AUSE, 1998-2005) and at Spetses, Greece, (2000-2005).

Member of the Scientific Board of the European Union Review and of the Association of the Italian Economists SIE. General contractor of a number of Tempus-Tacis Joint European Projects with the Odessa State Maritime University and the University Mechnikov in Odessa. Expert of the Italian government and of the Italian Ministry of Educationat OCDE and the Council of Europe. Member of the administration board of the University of Genoa (1995-2001)

Main areas of professional interest

International Finance and Economics, with particular emphasis on the issues concerning the European integration.

Courses currently taught

Selected list of recent publications

139) Conditions For Welfare Increasing Preferential Trade Agreements: The Kemp-Wan Proposition And Its Extensions, Working Paper n. 10/2005, Aprile 2005, DISEFIN, Università di Genova.

138) Revisiting the theory of Preferential Trade Agreements, DISEFIN, Sept. 2004.

137) The Impact of EU Enlargement on Monetary Stability, forthcoming in C. Stephanou, ed., Adjusting to EU Enlargement, 2004.

136) Informazione, istruzione, comunicazione e crescita economica, in Marenco M., a cura di, sous la direction de, Nuove forme di comunicazione nell’Europa del Secolo XXI, Nouvelles formes de communication dans l’Europe du siècle XXIème, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2004.

135) Eurozone Stability in the Aftermath of Enlargement, The European Union Review, 9, 45-68, 2004.

134) Assessing the Impact of Enlargement on the Eurozone, Economia Internazionale, International Economics, LVII, 11-39, 2004.

133) A HP Test on Optimality Conditions within the EMU Currency Area , Working Paper n. 3/2004, Febbraio 2004, DISEFIN, Università di Genova.

132) Will Enlargement Put at Risk the Viability of EMU?, Working Paper n. 1/2004, Gennaio 2004, DISEFIN, Università di Genova.

131) How Enlargement Will Change the EU Economy, Working Papers AUSE, ECSA-Italy, n. 2/2003, December, Università di Pavia. -

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127) How the Next EU Eastwards Enlargement Could Affect the EMU Sustainability, Working Paper n. 1/2003, Gennaio 2003, DISEFIN, Università di Genova.


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