Euro-Mediterranean Observatory

Ozgur Kayalica

(20.09.1969, Karabuk, Turkey)





PUBLICATIONS (Journal Articles)

  1. European Union Enlargement and Pollution: Why Caution is Necessary”, The World Economy, November 2000, pp. 1409-1422,  (with S. Lahiri).

  2. Finance and Growth in Turkey: Causality Issue”, (with E. Yilmaz), ISE Review, 2002, vol.6, no.24, 33-49.

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  5. Intra-Industry Trade and Consumption-generated Pollution Externalities”, (with E. Yilmaz), forthcoming in; Yapi Kredi Economic Review.

  6. “Transboundary Pollution from Consumption in a Reciprocal Dumping Model”, (with O. Kayalica), Global Economy Journal, vol. 5: no. 2, article 1.

PUBLICATIONS (Chapters in Books)

  1. Local content requirements and international market share rivalry”, in; New developments in international trade: theoretical and empirical investigation, eds. Seiichi Katayama and Kaz Miyagiwa, The Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University, Japan, 2003, (with S.Lahiri).

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  1. SCI ve SSCI’de ki Makale Sayilari Uzerine bir Not” (A Note On the Number of Publications in SCI and SSCI-type Journals), in Turkish (with M.Z. Ak), Bilgi 5, 2002/1.

  2. Turkiye’deki Universitelerin Uluslararası Yayin Performanslari” (with M.Z. Ak), Nasil bir Universite, ed. Coskun C. Aktan, Degisim Yayinlari, 2004.

  3. Efficiency of Institutional Reforms and Corruption”, in Prof.Dr.Zeyyat Hatipoglu’na Armagan, ed. Cudi T. Gursoy, Dogus University, Istanbul (with R. E. Ramirez).

  4. Turkiye’de 1980 Sonrası Doviz Kuru Politikalari”, in Turkish (with E.Yilmaz), forthcoming in; “Turkiye Ekonomisi: Sektorel ve Yapısal Analizler, eds. S.Simsek ve S. Inancli.

  5. Iktisat ve Cevre”, (Economics and the Environment) in Turkish,  forthcoming; Iktisat’ın Dama Taşları IV: Ekoller - Kavramlar – Iz Birakanlar, IU Iktisat Fakultesi Mezunlar Cemiyeti Iktisat Dergisi, Istanbul.


  1. Domestic lobbying and Foreign Direct Investment: The role of Policy Instruments”, also appearing in COE-RES (Center of Excellence - Research on Economic Systems) Discussion Papers No: 23, 2004, Hitotsubashi University, (with S. Lahiri).

  2. Finance-Growth Nexus”, (with E. Yilmaz), mimeo, Istanbul Technical University.

  3. Hierarchical Regulatory Control on a Bank’s Capital Rate”, (with E. Yilmaz), mimeo, Istanbul Technical University.

  4. “Environmental Policies and Mergers”, (with R. E. Ramirez),


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