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Saime Suna Kayam

S. Saime Suna Kayam (07.10.1967/İstanbul)

2004 Assistant Professor in Economics Division of Management Engineering Department at ITU.

2003 Lecturer, Department of Managerial Engineering, ITU, 1996-1998 Teaching Assistant at the School of Economics, University of Nottingham, 1990-1995 Research Assistant, Department of Management Engineering, 1997-1999 Teaching Assistant in School of Economics, University of Nottingham

Graduate: University of Nottingham, School of Economics, PhD in Economics, Undergraduate:Istanbul Technical University, Department of Managerial Engineering. European Science Foundation (ESF) and RES Conference Grants

YÖK (Higher Education Council) PhD Scholarship

Courses Taught: International Economics (graduate level in English)

Microeconomics (graduate and undergraduate), Macroeconomics (undergraduate in English), Economics (undergraduate)

Administrative Responsibilities: Co-chair of the ITFA 2005 Local Organization Committee, TEGAM-AMEER International Conference on Business and Economic Development of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Countries, Local Organising Committee, Various Departmental Commissions: Commission for Developing Foreign Relations; Department of Engineering Management Continuous Improvement Commission, Preparation of the Prospectus of Istanbul Technical University, Preparation of the Prospectus of the Department of Engineering Management, Conferences on the Education and Career Opportunities of Engineering Management.


Book Chapters:

“Aussenwirtschaftspolitik der G8” (2004) (Foreign Economic Policy of the G8), in Handbuchs der Aussenwirtschaftspolitik: Staaten und Organisationen (Handbook of Foreign Economic Policy: States and Organizations), (in German) eds. Jurgen Bellers and Wolfgang Gieler, Lit Verlag, Hamburg, Münster.

Regulation by Municipal Utilities” (2000) in E. Tokdemir and Ö. Günçavdı (eds.) Halil Aksu’ya Armağan, ITU Faculty of Management, İstanbul.

“Ottoman Wheat Prices and Transportation- Osmanlı Buğday Fiyatları ve Ulaştırma” (with Ertuğrul Tokdemir) in E.Tokdemir, Ö. Günçavdı and S. Küçükçifçi (eds.) Yücel Candemir’e Armağan, ITU Faculty of Management, Istanbul. (in publication)

Published Conference Papers:

“Sensitivity of Conditionality”, erc/METU VI. International Conference in Economics, 11-14 Sept. 2002, Ankara.

“Welfare Consequences of Trade Reform with Sensitivity”, EcoMod2002: International Conference on Policy Modelling, 4-6 July 2002, Brussels.

Presented Papers:

“Road Transport in the Ottoman Empire: Conditions and Constraints-Osmanlı İmparatorluğu’nda Karayolu Ulaşımı: Koşullar ve Kısıtlar” (with Ertuğrul Tokdemir), erc/METU VI. International Conference in Economics, 11-14 Sept. 2002, Ankara.

“A Model of Bargaining between the World Bank and a Recipient”, International Economics Study Group LSE Meeting, 3 Dec. 1999, London.

Contact Information:

Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Management
Department of Managerial Engineering
Maçka, İstanbul 34367

Phone No: +90 212 293 1300/2070
Fax No: +90 212 240 7260



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