Euro-Mediterranean Observatory

Presentation of the Observatory

The creation of this site is a result of an international project, whose main objective is the creation of a Euro-Mediterranean Research Network deliverable of which are a balance sheet and the continuous monitoring through research cooperation and coordination of the Barcelona process between the countries of the European Union and the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean Observatory on Sustainable Development at the University of Athens Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

The initiative for this project was taken by the University of Genoa, Department of Economic and Financial Studies. The Department of Political Science and Public Administration of the University of Athens participates fully in the project and, inter alia, is responsible for the setting up of this site and its day to day management.

The EPEES (The Hellenic University Association for European Studies) also participates in this project via its Chairman Professor K.Stefanou of the Panteion University, Department of International and European Studies, and its Vice Chairman Professor M.J.Tsinisizelis.

We do hope that this site can become a focal point for all the interested parties in the Barcelona process and we are opening up this site not only for information purposes on recent or past developments in the relations between the two sides but also in order to create a forum to anyone interested to publish research work, comments, critiques and or views on topics related to the issues of the Euro-Med relations.

Professor Michael J. Tsinisizelis

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Presentation of the Observatory