Euro-Mediterranean Observatory

Schedule of Planned Activities

  1. Establishment of a Research Network among the EU Universities (University of Genoa, University of Athens, University of Cyprous, Panteion University-Greece) and those from the South Mediterranean (University of Tunis, University of Rabat) and the East Mediterranean (Technical University of Istanbul, University of Cairo).
  2. Meetings:
    • Cyprus: 25th-28th November 2004
    • Istanbul: 13-17 January 2005
    • Cairo: 24-27 February 2005

  3. Collective achievements of the research works performed with young researchers
    • March- May 2005: the 1st stage of research "A Barcelona Process Balance Sheet"
    • June - November 2005: the 2nd stage of research (Sustainable Development and the relationship with EU)

  4. Research achievements disseminations through a seminar and an international conference.
  5. February - May 2006: Presentation and Dissemination of the research
    • Results Presentation Seminar (3 days)
    • International Conference (2 days)
    • Paper publication

  6. Establishment of an Euro-Mediterranean Observatory on the Sustainable Development in Athens.
  7. May - June 2006


Presentation of the Network